Carlsbad Strings Education Association is dedicated to the advancement in education of children in the playing of violin, viola and cello. Learning to play an instrument can help develop creative expression, positive self-image, self-esteem and self-discipline. Musical skills development carries over to improved success in academic studies, lifelong musical enjoyment and an appreciation of the arts. The program offers instruction on the violin, viola and cello to students from kindergarten through high school in North Coastal San Diego County.  Lessons are hosted on weekdays at private residences in Carlsbad and nearby communities. 

Carlsbad Strings Education Association (CSEA) is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation founded in 1982.  

Carlsbad Strings Education Association
P.O. Box 4080, Carlsbad, CA 92018-4018
Phone: 760-652-9631 


Carlsbad Strings Education Association incorporates both Suzuki and traditional learning methods.

Our program philosophy emphasizes several key points:

  • Every child learns at their own pace.
  • Every child is born with a high potential for development in various areas of learning.
  • Every child will display improved abilities if the proper methods of learning and development are employed.
  • Learning to play a stringed instrument is one means of drawing out these various abilities.
In the Suzuki Method, the emphasis is on ear training, listening and developing a beautiful tone and technique. The Suzuki repertoire develops a high level of proficiency as each piece is learned, reviewed and performed.

The emphasis in the traditional method is on note reading. Students in the CSEA program begin music reading when they demonstrate ease in holding the instrument with good posture and are consistently producing a clear strong tone with accurate intonation.

Generally beginners start reading during the 2nd semester. Old pieces, however, are still performed from memory. Music reading prepares students for participation in the Junior High and High School Orchestras.